California Medium
Shelter System
Official medium shelter system of
the united states air force

More than 3,000,000 square feet
deployed worldwide

Engineered to withstand harsh
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Small Shelter
Deployed worldwide for billeting
by the US Air force and US Army

Meets US Army testing TOP standards
for wind & snow loads
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Complete Turnkey
Includes shelters, ECUS/HVAC, power
distribution, generators, lighting &
outlets, flooring, furnishings &
specialized equipment

Base camps, complete kitchen &
dining systems, & Medical shelters
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Open & light spaces for airports,
convention centers & showrooms

Long lasting aluminum structural
frames & tensioned fabrics

Specialized designs to meet your
project needs
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Commercial &
Shelters & enclosures for camps,
schools, construction sites, sorting
facilities, meeting areas, inspection
stations, warehouses, sun & swimming
pool shades

Compact to ship, fast & easy to
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Proven Worldwide Government tested:
wind load, snow load, extreme heat
& cold, blackout & durability

Field tested:
deployed around the world in Alaska,
Hawaii, Iraq, Kuwait, The Outback of
Australia & the jungles of Peru
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Energy Saving
Thermacams, Solar Flys & Insulcams
can be deployed to reduce cooling
requirements by over 40%

Tested & proven by the United
States Air Force & Army

Compact for shipment & quick
to install
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Maintenance Shelters
& Weather Enclosures
Full range of sizes from 120 to 100,000
square feet

Free span structures allowing
complete use of open space

Large specialized doors with huge
width & height to accommodate the
largest requirements
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Rapid Deployment
Our family of tac shelters offer the
fastest set up of any shelter

Camss 20tac20 assembles & is operational
in 3 minutes with four people

Includes quick erect ruggedized one
piece frame & one piece cover
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Welcome to CAMSS

CAMSS Shelters is the world leader in design and manufacture of portable shelters and semi-permanent building systems for rapid world wide deployment.  CAMSS offers a wide range of shelter sizes and applications. Our complete systems offer a total solution to your facility needs including heating, cooling, lighting, and power distribution.  CAMSS offers tried and true solutions.  Contact CAMSS today.

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Get a quote on CAMSS shelters and accessories including optional items such as heating, cooling, containers, lighting, power distribution and generators. Compare energy saving products such as solar shades, Thermacams and Insulcam to reduce your energy costs. CAMSS can give you the best choice for your shelter needs at a competitive price.

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CAMSS Shelters products are available through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for military and US Government Agency users.  To purchase through DLA please fill out and submit the attached form.

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Many of CAMSS Shelters products are available through the General Services Administration (GSA) for US Government Agencies and military users.  To purchase through GSA please fill out and submit the attached form.

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